Sunday, August 1, 2010

NYC Adventures: Part 1

The first place I went on my first vegan food tour of NYC was Peacefood Cafe (460 Amsterdam Ave), and let me tell you- the food was amazing!

I started with the soup of the day, pumpkin lentil. The flavor was great, a hint of pumpkin and spice mixing with heartiness of the lentil.

My friend got the vegetable tamale, served with jalapeno and cilantro oil. It was tasty, could have used more veggies inside though to make it amazingly good.

Next for me came the roasted japanese pumpkin sandwich (mashed and seasoned with a little sea salt, ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil, topped with caramelized onions, ground walnuts, vegan goat cheese and seasonal greens per their menu). I loved it! The onions and the pumpkin combined for a heavenly taste. Served with sprouts and some fruit/veggie sticks.

My friend had the fluffy quinoa salad (beans, baby greens & sprouts of the day, avocado, sweet peppers, corn & onions tossed with creamy lime mustard vinaigrette). Next time, we'd get it without the vinaigrette for more of the veggie flavors to come through.

Then came the best part- dessert!! I was so torn on what to get, finally decided on the lemon vanilla cake. The icing was tart and sweet and the cake was moist and yummy.

We also had to try one of the cheesecakes, this one is peanut butter, and the crust is made of raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough- joy. I'd marry this cheesecake.

We also tried the Brazilian Nut Chai and the Apple Ginger Soy hot drinks with our desserts. The Chai was creamy and spicy. The Apple Ginger Soy was just a bit too much ginger for me, but if you like that- try it!!

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